Free novellas and short stories

After writing about the benefits of shorter fiction for a quick burst of entertainment (which you can read here), I’ve put the novellas and short stories in my Dominions series down to free (for a couple of weeks at least, possibly longer). Click on the images below to go to available stores, or visit this page for more details.

(Note: If for any reason the retailer of your choice, I’ve added all the books to BookFunnel, where you can download for free in various formats (epub, mobi and pdf). BookFunnel also have great customer service, should you have any difficulties getting the files onto your reading device. These links are further down this post, under the book covers)


Errant (A Dominions Story) Expedient (A Dominions Story)

Short stories

Animus (A Dominions Story) Gatekeeper (A Dominions Prologue)

(please note that BookFunnel links are now inactive)

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