Desert Bound (ShadowTech Book 1)  Subtle Weapon (ShadowTech Book 2) ST3_small Haven's Deep (ShadowTech Book 4)

(novels also available in paperback)



Shadowfall Shadowsiege Shadowstrike

(novels also available in paperback and hardback)


Shadows: The Complete Trilogy


Dark Glass (Dominions I) Dead Flesh (Dominions II) Deep Water (Dominions III) Riled Dogs (Dominions IV) Rogue Wolf (Dominions V)  Rebel Rout (Dominions VI) Fading Control (Dominions VII) Fallen Domain (Dominions VIII) Final Target (Dominions IX)

(novels also available in paperback)

Gatekeeper (A Dominions Prologue) Control (A Dominions Story) Expedient (A Dominions Story) Animus (A Dominions Story) Errant (A Dominions Story) Impact (A Dominions Story) Recompense (A Dominions Story)

Dominions Box Set (I-III)2022-0495 TW Iain box set b1-9 on transparent

Also available (short stories in anthologies)

PowerOfWordsCoverThe Power Of Words

An anthology of stories inspired by the First Amendment, this contains my (fairly long) sci-fi/Dystopian short story Ghost Stream, along with stories by Richard T. Drake, Heidi Angell and M.L.S. Weech. Available through Amazon as e-book, paperback and audiobook. Click here for more details.

It's Behind YouIt’s Behind You

This anthology is a collection of stories about fear, and contains my post-apocalypse short story The Reason We Run. It’s Behind You is available from Amazon as e-book and paperback.


Electromagnetism is an anthology of horror with a tech flavour, and includes my horror short story Touch. You can get Electromagnetism through Amazon, as either an e-book or a paperback.