Gatekeeper (A Dominions Prologue)

Gatekeeper is a short story of around7500 words (roughly 30 pages).

2016-405 eBook TW Iain, Gatekeeper, b01

There is a way to enter the Dome. The route is hidden, heavily guarded, and is not for those without inner strength and deep pockets.

Karon is a gatekeeper, watching over the final stretch of this route. Most days, there is nothing to do. Most days, he doesn’t see another soul once once he’s in the tunnels.

But some days are different. Sometimes, a walker comes to Karon’s gate, and he lets them through. Sometimes, a rare individual will make it to the Dome.

And sometimes they come back.

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Bubblin_lightAlso available to read on Bubblin Superbooks

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