New short story – ‘Power’

Another short story for you.

StTanwgsChurchThis one wrote itself pretty fast, and although the story’s fiction, the setting is real (with a bit of artistic license). St Tanwg’s Church, in the North Wales village of Llandanwg, sits amongst the sand dunes (I was told that it had been buried at one point, although a bit of research leads me to believe this is a bit of an exaggeration‌—‌about 150 years ago the church was in disrepair, part of the roof fell in, and the building filled with sand). Like many church sites, there’s a lot of hidden history here‌—‌so it seemed an opportune setting for a story about ancient power.

You can read Power here, or visit this page for a full list of my short stories (all under 1000 words, so ideal for a quick coffee break).

New short story – ‘The Endling’

I first heard the word ‘endling’ a few weeks ago, on a podcast called Everything Is Alive (interviews with everyday objects‌—‌well worth a listen). I believe the word was used in episode 14, an interview with Petey, a baseball cap, and ‘endling’ was used to mean the very last of something‌—‌the end of the line.

Sometimes, all it takes is a word to trigger a story, and this one came together pretty quickly.

You can read The Endling here‌—‌and I’d love to know what you think of it.

New short story – ‘Time Away’

Some years ago, I spent a few months working at a holiday centre on the Isle of Wight (a small island by the south coast of England, for those of you unfamiliar with it). I enjoyed my time there, but the place was very dated. I could easily picture pre-war holiday-makers resting in deckchairs, or taking part in organised activities. In fact, much of the island felt like that, as if the ferry across took passengers not only a couple of miles in distance but also back thirty years as well.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Yes, it provided its own source of amusement, but there was also something relaxing about it. The pace of life felt slower. Yes, the island has many beaches, and is in the warmer part of England, but I think it’s a popular holiday destination in part because of the feel of the place.

I was thinking of that time of my life recently (no idea why), and I started getting ideas for a story. I worked on this, and Time Away developed.

You can read Time Away here. If you’ve got a moment, I’d love to hear what you thought of it‌—‌simply comment under the story, or on this post.

‘Shell’ – new short story

Another short story for you. Can’t recall where the initial idea came from, but I think it was another of those free-writing ones. I started with the image of an attack on a house, but seen through cameras from a distance, and I wrote whatever came to mind. Of course, it needed a lot of editing, but I hope the final version works.

You can read the story, called Shell, here. And if you want more coffee-break fiction, the full list of my free shorts can be found here.