Who is T. W. Iain?

I’m T. W. Iain‌—‌at least, I am at the moment. Sometimes, I’m someone else, living in the north of England with my family, doing normal everyday stuff like everyone else.

But on this site, and in my books, I’m T. W. Iain. I have stories going round in my head, and once they take shape they have to come out. I get up at some ridiculous time in the morning so that I can work on these stories before anyone else is stirring, and before I have to head off to my ‘proper job’.

Anything else? I read (of course I do), listen to music (at least that’s what I call it – others would disagree), and try to look after myself. And I keep thinking about these stories, and what I can do with them. Then the ideas multiply, each one spinning off into a whole new universe of stories.

Obsessed? Never!

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