Short Stories

From 2016 to 2020 I produced a short story (under 1000 words) roughly every couple of weeks. In various genres (science fiction, horror, thriller, fantasy and more), some end positively, others negatively. Some are straightforward, others strange.

These stories are collected in 5 volumes of Millenary, available as free ebooks (click on the covers below for more information), but if you’d prefer to read on-line a complete list of the stories, in chronological order, can be found below these covers.

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1 The Job  Only the best need apply.

2 A Lesson In Death  Rodin gets interrupted at work by an inquisitive child‌—‌not what you want when you’re an assassin.

3 Missing   An absent cat, a departed woman, and an old man with a dark secret.

4 Work Units  Business can be murder.

5 The Gardener  All life is precious … to someone.

6 The Weather Report  If the weather could be controlled … should it?

7 Influential Friends  A business proposition, but who has the most influential friends?

8 Escape They say escape is impossible, but there has to be a way out.

9 Allegiance  Some jobs demand allegiance, but so do friends.

10 The Greatest Fraud  If you lie for a living, can you stop lying to yourself?

11 Just A Bit Of Harmless Fun  Games are always serious.

12 Release  Everything has a cost, everything must be repaid.

13 The Offering  They found the offering after a night of heavy rain…

14 Patients  It’s better when they have something to keep them occupied.

15 The Customer Is Always Right  If customers come for more than food and drink, you have to give them what they want.

16 Safe  Who keeps you safe … and why?

17 High Stakes  Only play for what you can afford to lose.

18 Artificial Intelligence  The code doesn’t do what is expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

19 Investigation  Sometimes thing’s aren’t what they look like.

20 Never Only One Side  There’s always more than one side to a story.

21 Perfect  Sometimes things are that good.

22 Monster  They call me a monster, but only because they do not understand.

23 A Joke  Life can be a joke‌—‌but that doesn’t mean it’s any fun.

24 Ghost  A coffin, and a secret.

25 Clay  The pain of creation.

26 The Tracker  Sometimes, the only thing you can do is run.

27 A Little Moment Of Happiness  It’s the small things that make all the difference.

28 The Pinnacle  A perfect opportunity.

29 Life Story  You are the story you tell.

30 Don’t Go  If you live in someone’s shadow, what happens when they go?

31 Waiting  How long would you wait?

32 They Need To Learn  Misdemeanours need correcting, but how far is too far?

33 Old Bones Burn Strong  Sometimes the crazy fight is the only sensible choice.

34 Invitation To Dinner Something for Halloween…

35 Eight Hours Sleep, work, play‌—‌but is this enough?

36 The Gift And The Giver Music can be demanding.

37 Running The Gauntlet  A challenge, or something else?

38 Tradition  Traditions are more than stories.

39 Fire  Fire destroys everything, right?

40 Unspoken  Remove the message. Every copy.

41 Pushing The Limits  A little sci-fi action.

42 The Rendezvous  A meeting over coffee. What could possibly go wrong?

43 …if you only walk long enough  There must be an exit.

44 Blood Bind  If the family is everything, what are the individual members worth?

45 It’s Not Murder If They’re No Longer Human  …but they won’t all understand this.

46 The Illusion Of Control  You think you’re so smart.

47 Predictable  Warning: the main character in this story is not a pleasant person.

48 Paradise  Enduring solitude for the greater good, or something else?

49 Virtually Reality  Jumping between reality, virtuality and dreams.

50 Crossing  Even the most mundane of journeys can become unexpected.

51 For Blood (I)  Revenge. Payback. Blood for blood.

52 For Blood (II)  There’s always another side.

53 The Campaign  What is reality?

54 Rumours  Can you trust someone who doesn’t lie?

55 Prepared  Being prepared means never forsaking the rituals.

56 Stowaway  Stowing away is the easy part‌—‌first you need to get on board.

57 Hold Back The Waves  There’s no rest from saving the world.

58 Suspicion  “So why are we following her?”

59 Freedom At Any Cost?  When you’re that desperate…

60 End Of The World  The world ended sixteen days ago, and nobody noticed.

61 Boxed In  Being stuck in traffic can mean life or death.

62 First‌…‌And Last  Could you spend the night in a haunted house?

63 Fascination  Never get too close.

64 Shell  How safe is too safe?

65 Time Away  Everyone needs time away.

66 Opportunity  Golden opportunity, or just gold-plated?

67 The Endling  What would you do to keep your identity?

68 New Eden  This time, perfection will remain.

69 Power  If you could have unimaginable power, what would you do?

70 Watch And Learn  …‌but be careful of the interpretation.

71 Stronger Than Death  Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

72 There’s Always A Choice  Just hope you make the right one.

73 Do You See?  Is it a sight-seeing trip, or something more?

74 Just Doing My Job  And sometimes, even that’s more than people expect.

75 Nightmare Park  What if the stories are all true?

76 Worth Fighting For  There has to be a reason.

77 Food For Thought  First Contact leads to war‌—‌but why?

78 A New Life  Is it possible to start over?

79 Tenancy Agreement  Always good to know about previous residents!

80 Memories  …but are they what they seem?

81 How Legends Are Born  Games aren’t always innocent.

82 To Serve  The job is all he has.

83 Ties Of Love  Not all are forever.

84 Always The Same  When routine is all you have.

85 Sentinels  It’s not about what you do.

86 Where Does The Time Go?  One moment they’re a baby, the next they’re almost an adult.

87 An Issue With The Car  What would you do if you found a body in the back of a hire car?

What Goes Around (a series of connected stories):

88 Part 1: Get The Right One  The answer’s not always obvious.

89 Part 2: Always A Silver Lining  …if you can find it.

90 Part 3: No Return  Some things are unforgivable.

91 Part 4: It Takes A Steady Hand  It’s the small things that matter.

92 In The Dark  …and alone.

93 Trophy Hunters  Every prize has a price.

94 The Long Way Round  The planet should’ve been empty‌—‌but it wasn’t.

95 Payment  Now, or later?

96 Bugs  There’s always a chance those dreams of flying away might come true.

97 The Hangman  It isn’t only a job.

98 Always A Reason  …even if it’s not a great one.

99 A Lesson In Life  Lessons come in all forms.

100 Canvas  The chance of a lifetime.

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