Recompense (A Dominions Story)

Recompense is a novella of 34000 words (roughly 120 pages), and is only available when you sign up for the TW Iain newsletter.


There’s always a cost.

In the brutal, lawless world of the districts, everyone is out for themselves. Enemies, real or perceived, are to be cut down‌—‌often literally. And when they aren’t prepared to do the deed themselves, they call in an assassin. Like Rodin.

But Rodin isn’t a simple thug with a blade. He’s a professional, kills with certainty, avoids collateral damage.

And he’s smart. Smart enough to know that his job makes him a target. Smart enough to sense when he’s being played.

But is he smart enough to escape? Because if he can’t, he’ll pay with his life.

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