Dominions Box-Set (Books I-III)

2017-1326 TW Iain 3D Box Set on white on transparentTo confront the future, he must first conquer his past.

Rodin, an assassin for hire in the chaos of the districts, is no stranger to death. He has the scars to prove it, each one a lesson, a mistake he won’t make again. But some scars hide beneath the surface.

When Rodin takes a contract within the perfect society of the Dome, he is forced to confront threats that have lain dormant for over a decade. He might think of himself as a man with no past, but everyone has a history. And if Rodin isn’t careful, his past might be the death of him.

The first Dominions box-set contains the novels Dark GlassDead Flesh and Deep Water, along with the prologue story Gatekeeper.

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