Subtle Weapon (ShadowTech Book 2)



Kaiahive is everywhere, even on the supposedly deserted island the crew escape to. So are the company’s enemies, the Heralds, and the crew are caught in the crossfire, their options dwindling fast.

Can Deva trust old enemies long enough to get her revenge on those who ruined her life? Can Brice and Ryann escape from captivity deep underground? Has Keelin found people who appreciate her for who she is, or are they only using her? And as Piran dives deep into the incredible technology of the Ancients, can he keep their secrets from the company long enough to help save his friends?

As hostilities grow, each of them must fight—for themselves, for their friends, and for their lives.

The second book in the action-packed ShadowTech series, Subtle Weapon leads deeper into the secrets of the Ancients, and increases the danger for the crew.

Ebook available from all major retailers, paperback available from Amazon

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