Mag-line Bolt (A ShadowTech Story)



Strap in for a high-speed sci-fi adventure.

The plan sounded so simple, but things fall apart as soon as they start, and Deva’s trapped on the speeding mag-line train, hiding from guards as she desperately searches for a way off. But she’s not alone‌—‌a carriage of prisoners, those the company wants to remove. They could be an asset‌—‌but can Deva trust them?

And Piran, left behind, can’t abandon his crew-mate. But when his hacked buggy collides with a gang of mercenaries he has two options‌—‌die, or join the gang in their seemingly impossible mission.

Will Deva make it off the train, or will the company catch up with her? Can Piran rescue her, or will the mercenaries end his life?

The stand-alone novella Mag-line Bolt is an introduction to the action/adventure sci-fi series ShadowTech. The ride has only just begun!

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