Errant (A Dominions Story)

Errant (A Dominions Story)

What dark stories hide behind the smiles?

Bethal dreams of errants, those mythical travellers who defend the helpless and protect against evil. Even though the stories are for children, and a girl on the cusp of womanhood should have her mind on other things, they loom large in Bethal’s mind. Maybe it’s because she’s never been beyond the community, never experienced life beyond its boundaries.

But soon, it will be her time to leave. Everyone knows this, yet nobody talks of it. Just as nobody says what happens when girls of Bethal’s age leave, or why they are never spoken of again.If ever Bethal needed help, if ever was the moment for an errant to appear, that time is now.

A novella in the Dominions series, Errant explores the world beyond the Domes and the districts, and the evil that exists in even the most peaceful of settings.

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