Free short stories and novellas

For a few weeks (possibly longer), I’m offering the bonus stories in the Dominions series for free(*)‌—‌two short stories and two novellas.



Bethal dreams of errants, mythical travellers who defend the helpless and protect against evil. Stories for children, not for a girl on the cusp of womanhood.

The community is all she’s ever known, but soon Bethel must leave. Even though nobody talks of it‌—‌just as nobody mentions the others who have left‌—‌she knows it must happen.

If ever Bethal needed help, if ever was the moment for an errant to appear, that time is now.

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There are reasons to kill.

Rodin can kill to eliminate vermin. He can kill in self-defence. But if he wants to make a name for himself, he needs to prove how good he is.

Can he kill for personal gain?

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Short stories

Animus (A Dominions Story)Animus

Ostar knows he’s nothing special. But he’s useful to the crew — not with the violence, but as a look-out. He’s never hurt anyone in his life. He simply wants to keep his head down and live without conflict.

But the crew are dying. Someone is killing them, one by one. And it is only a matter of time before they come for Ostar.

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There is a way to enter the Dome. The route is hidden, heavily guarded, and is not for those without inner strength and deep pockets.

Karon is a gatekeeper, watching over the final stretch of this route. Most days, there is nothing to do, no-one to see.

But some days are different. Sometimes a walker comes to Karon’s gate. Sometimes they pass through into the Dome.

And sometimes they come back.

Available from all major ebook stores, and from BookFunnel.

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