New short story – ‘Power’

Another short story for you.

StTanwgsChurchThis one wrote itself pretty fast, and although the story’s fiction, the setting is real (with a bit of artistic license). St Tanwg’s Church, in the North Wales village of Llandanwg, sits amongst the sand dunes (I was told that it had been buried at one point, although a bit of research leads me to believe this is a bit of an exaggeration‌—‌about 150 years ago the church was in disrepair, part of the roof fell in, and the building filled with sand). Like many church sites, there’s a lot of hidden history here‌—‌so it seemed an opportune setting for a story about ancient power.

You can read Power here, or visit this page for a full list of my short stories (all under 1000 words, so ideal for a quick coffee break).

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