‘Expedient’ now released

Expedient (A Dominions Story) is now available from all major e-book stores, for the bargain price of 99p/99c.

Expedient (A Dominions Story)Expedient (A Dominions Story)

There are reasons to kill.

Those who threaten the courier, or threaten Rodin himself‌—‌well, they know what to expect. And his one professional hit? The man deserved to die. The world’s better off without him.

But Rodin needs to build his reputation. And that means showing what he’s capable of.

He can kill to exterminate vermin. He can kill to stay alive.

But can he kill for personal gain?

This 25,000 word novella (roughly 100 pages) contains characters from the Dominions series, but can be read as a separate story. If you haven’t tried any of the others yet, this could be a great place to start.

To get Expedient, click here. To find out about other books in the Dominions series, click here.

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