New short story – ‘The Customer Is Always Right’

Another short story for you. This one’s called The Customer Is Always Right. It’s based around another minor character from Dark Glass. I like Jimny, the cafe owner who’s everyone’s friend, but I always thought he had a really tough job. When everyone is out for number one, how do you serve them all without them killing one another‌—‌or worse still, killing you? So I wrote this to show some of the things Jimny has to put up with.

I want to do more with this character. He did turn up in early drafts of both Dead Flesh and Deep Water, but I had to get rid of those parts, much as I hated to see him go. But he does make an appearance in a new book I have out soon (although you’ll have to pay attention). More on that later, though.

For now, check out the story, and let me know what you think, either in the comments or directly (you can e-mail me at I’d like to know what you like, but also what I can improve on.

And don’t forget there are more stories here.

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