Next short story – ‘Influential Friends’

Another short story for you‌—‌Influential Friends. You can read it here.

With these short stories, I’m exploring some of the characters that appear in the Dominions books. A Lesson In Death was about the main character, Rodin, and now it’s the turn of another characters, Genna.

She’s one of my favourite characters so far, even though she only plays a small part in the first book. She’s tough and smart, and she’s had to fight for everything she’s got. She’s the kind of person you’d definitely want on your side‌—‌you wouldn’t want to go up against her unless you had to.

From the first moment she appeared in Dark Glass, I knew there was far more to her, and as I work on Dominions IV, I’m delving into the vulnerabilities behind that rock-hard exterior. Her strengths, weaknesses, and her past are all being revealed, and it’s interesting watching her develop into one of the pivotal roles in the ongoing Dominions series.

But that book is not yet finished. For now, here’s a short story about one of my favourite characters. I hope you enjoy Influential Friends.

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