Dark Glass now 99p/99c!

Dark Glass (Dominions I)

Until the end of November, Dark Glass (Dominions I) is available for the bargain price of 99p/99c (or your local equivalent).

Click here to see all the stores where it can be found.

You can also pick up a copy of the exclusive Dominions novella Control when you join my mailing list.

If you come across a store where Dark Glass is still at it’s usual full price (and it is still November), please let me know.

Don’t forget‌—‌this offer is only until the end of November. Come December, Dark Glass will return to it’s full price.

Next short story – ‘Influential Friends’

Another short story for you‌—‌Influential Friends. You can read it here.

With these short stories, I’m exploring some of the characters that appear in the Dominions books. A Lesson In Death was about the main character, Rodin, and now it’s the turn of another characters, Genna.

She’s one of my favourite characters so far, even though she only plays a small part in the first book. She’s tough and smart, and she’s had to fight for everything she’s got. She’s the kind of person you’d definitely want on your side‌—‌you wouldn’t want to go up against her unless you had to.

From the first moment she appeared in Dark Glass, I knew there was far more to her, and as I work on Dominions IV, I’m delving into the vulnerabilities behind that rock-hard exterior. Her strengths, weaknesses, and her past are all being revealed, and it’s interesting watching her develop into one of the pivotal roles in the ongoing Dominions series.

But that book is not yet finished. For now, here’s a short story about one of my favourite characters. I hope you enjoy Influential Friends.

Dead Flesh (Dominions II) out now

Dead Flesh (Dominions II

The second novel in the Dominions series, Dead Flesh, is now available from all major e-book stores.

I’m really pleased with the way this book turned out, although it started as something totally different. When I first planned what was then simply called ‘Dominions 2’, I wanted Rodin (the main character) to pull off a daring rescue, but I had to work out why a mercenary would care enough to do this without being paid. Before he could charge in and be a hero, I needed to explain how he came to question his purpose in life.

That book didn’t work out. I liked big parts of it, but there was simply too much story. I think the first draft came in at over 150,000 words, and I was aiming for 100,000. And at that, it still felt rushed. I needed to cut it back, but I also needed to expand it. There was the big rescue, and all the build-up to that. There was another whole section about the person who needed rescuing, and how they got caught. And then there was Rodin’s journey before this, the part that needed to be there for his actions to make any sense.

As I worked on this, I realised that the initial section, where Rodin had his crisis of conscience, was pretty strong on its own. I looked at this part in more detail, and it started to grow into its own thing. Soon, it was clear that Rodin’s journey alone would be the second Dominions novel. The rest of the story could wait for the next book (although that didn’t work out, either. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother trying to plan these stories!)

As I said before, I’m pleased with how this book turned out. It’s dark, but it also has heart. There’s lots of action, but there is also lots of introspection. It answers some of the questions posed in the first Dominions novel, but also opens more loops.

If that all sound intriguing, check it out – click here to find out where you can get Dead Flesh. And if you’re interested in the start of the Dominions series, check out Dark Glass.

And next month I’ll release the third novel, Deep Water.