Hostile Alliances (ShadowTech Book 3) out now!

The title says it all – the third ShadowTech book, Hostile Alliances, is out now. It’s available in ebook from all the usual stores/sites, and in paperback from Amazon.

The Ancients are coming.

When Kaiahive intercepts a signal on the edge of the system, it’s no longer in doubt. Time is running out.

And that increases hostilities between the company and the Heralds, which in turn pushes the shadowy Collective into more desperate actions.

In the midst of this turmoil, the crew are divided. To survive, they must choose their sides. Staying passive is no longer an option. They must decide who they trust, and prove their allegiances.

Get Hostile Alliances before the end of the week-end, before the price goes up.

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