New short story – ‘Get The Right One’

This story’s part of something I’ve wanted to try for a while now.

I enjoy reading books in a series, but cliffhangers between books frustrate me. In my own series, I’ve always aimed for each book to tell its own story, while also being part of a larger story, told over the whole series.

And I wondered if I could write a series of short stories in the same way‌—‌each one its own thing, but all connected.

I’ve done something similar before, with For Blood (I) and For Blood (II), but that was one event viewed from two different sides. But now, I have a series of four stories, under the title What Goes Around. They’re set in the world of Dominions, and this first story, Get The Right One, is another tale of Rodin. He prides himself on always fulfilling a contract, and he’ll pay close attention to the wording, too. Even if that means he has to look past the obvious.

You can read Get The Right One (What Goes Around, part 1) here.

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