‘Tradition’ – a new free short for Xmas

Seeing as it’s a special day for many, my latest free short has its roots in Christmas. There are so many traditions and rituals at this time of year, and many of them pre-date the events this holiday season is normally associated with. One story I heard concerned Christmas trees. The origins of having a tree inside the house go back to when belief in spirits in nature was widespread. The idea was to take in and care for a new sapling over winter, protecting it from the harsh weather, and when you replanted it in the spring, the spirits of the wood might show their gratitude in providing good hunting over the rest of the year.

So this short story (horror? folk tale? fantasy?) takes that idea and plays with it. Maybe it’s not a traditional seasonal story, but I hope you like it. And, as usual, please let me know what you think.

You can read Tradition here.

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