Millenary – the anthologies

Click on the images or titles to download these short-story anthologies. Each one contains twenty tales, no longer than a thousand words each‌—‌ideal for a quick, five-minute read.


Assassins and guards. The hunted and those seeking redemption. Card players and mobsters. Kids having fun, and adults confronting their nightmares.

Some stories end with victory, others end in tragedy. Some erupt in action, many hinge on small details. But every time, lives are changed.

Twenty stories for your reading enjoyment. Just don’t expect happy endings.

Millenary2_smallMillenary 2

An aged warrior makes his final stand. A sculptor fights his inner demons. A killer invents a new past. A dinner is not all is appears. A village is watched over by spirits of the forest. A dying woman is visited by her sister. Characters thirst for revenge, long for escape, or seek a bright new future.

Some may even be successful.

millenary3_smallMillenary 3

A man must choose between family and what he knows is right. A beast does what she must to keep her offspring alive. An agent struggles to prevent aliens taking the world. A tourist gets more than he bargains for in a virtual holiday. A sociopath runs with her violent impulses. An un-named character is stuck in a never-ending maze of rooms.
And then the world ends‌—‌but not in a way anyone expects.

For readers who like their coffee-breaks dark.

Millenary 4 coverMillenary 4

The characters in these tales do many things‌—‌some brave, others reckless, some downright evil. They exist in many places‌—‌a lost church, a craft sent to colonise a new planet, an amusement part after dark, stuck in traffic. They pursue many goals‌—‌seeking escape, protecting family, righting wrongs, surviving torture in any way possible‌…‌or simply trying to figure out what’s going on.

Some success. Others fail. For many, the outcomes aren’t so black and white.

For readers who like their coffee-breaks dark.

Millenary 5 coverMillenary 5

There are vampires and mysterious alien invaders. There are mobsters and shut-ins. There are those struggling to come to terms with loss, those nearing the end of their lives, those eager to make their mark on the world. There are conflicting realities and future nightmares. There are bitter lies and painful truths.

Some escape the darkness, others are consumed by it.

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