Never Only One Side

Hey, Jarrow! Good to hear your voice. How you feeling?

Ah, these things take time. At least you’re up and about now.

Yeah, I popped in, but you were out of it. Kind of figured you didn’t want to be observed. They said it might take a while. Said even when you came round, you’d be drifting off most of the time, what with all the meds. That true?

Doesn’t sound too bad. And if the pills don’t work, have a drink. Normally helps me sleep!

Yeah, good times, buddy. Good times. Remember it well. So how’s Leela taking it? She seemed pretty shaken last I saw.

Hey, just doing what I could. She needed a bit of comforting, right? That’s what friends are for.

She called me what? Must’ve been more shaken than I realised. Ain’t no knight, man. Just a mate looking after a pal’s girl. So, she better now you’re back?

Hell! And she just let you lay there, didn’t want you to do a thing? Man, I’ve gotta find me someone like that.

Yeah, yeah. One day. I know.

Anyway, she mentioned something while you were out of it, kind of knocked me back. Don’t know if it’s anything, but‌…‌I’m wary, you know?

Yeah, okay. Paranoid. But I’m still alive, right?

So she mentioned Pagin.

No, not much. Just said he’d popped round, personal like. Said he left a couple of bottles. Said she didn’t know if he meant for her to drink them, or to save them for whenever you came round.

Right, right. But you know what that stuff does, straight into your veins. You remember Sav, yeah?

Anyway, your Leela said Pagin sounded pretty friendly, like you and him were real close, and she was kind of surprised you hadn’t mentioned him.

No, mate. Didn’t say a thing. Just nodded and mumbled. Thought she had enough to worry about.

Yeah, I know you paid him off. And the sweetener. But I warned you what he’s like. Once he’s in, he don’t let go. Probably wants paying for those two bottles, as well.

He doesn’t do gifts. Told you that.

Hang on. Just got to check something out‌…‌

* * *

Aw, nothing. Noise from outside. It’s getting to me, you know? At least the old place was high enough up that it was only neighbours. I swear, sometimes I can hear footsteps on the road outside, sounds like they’re coming through my wall. Number of mornings I’ve been woken up before midday, you wouldn’t believe it! Gotta find somewhere else soon.

Yeah, I’m sure Leela would love it if I moved in with you. And I’ve crashed on that sofa enough times to know I’ll get no sleep at all. Especially with you two doing whatever in the bedroom. Don’t want to hear her screaming all night!

Sure you mentioned she’s a screamer. No? Guess she just looks like one, then.

No, course I haven’t! A mate’s girl? What d’you take me for?

Yeah, but that was different. Sav was just someone to hang around with. And it wasn’t like he never played around. Give as you get, and all that.

Hang on‌…‌

* * *

No, just another sound. Tell you, man, I could go paranoid here. Definitely sounded like a window opening.

Yeah, like that one. Scared the living daylights out of me when it creaked, but a hell of a good haul!

Hey, like I said at the time, he got in the way. He always had the option of turning his back. He makes it his business, what can you do?

What? That was one of Pagin’s guys? I never knew. If I’d known that‌…‌

Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, if he wasn’t with Pagin at the time, I’m fine with it. And it’s not like Pagin’ll care. If he hired the thug with a few fingers missing, he knew what he was getting.

Hang on, Jarrow. Goddamn breeze now. Need to get these windows sorted! Seriously, I’m gonna have to have words with my landlord.

Yeah, if I can find him.

I’m going to have to check this out. Hold on a sec.

* * *

Jarrow? It’s done. Yes, I delivered the message. Yes, I made sure he understood.

I was hoping she was here, too. Maybe she’s got someone else?

Sorry. Of course not. I’ll try her sister’s, call you when I’m in place.

Of course I can! It’s a couple of fingers, not my whole arm.

Okay, sure. And Jarrow? Before I came in, I got a message from Pagin. He says to say thanks.

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