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Control (A Dominions Story)

A professional killer will always have enemies. It comes with the territory.

But this time it’s different. This time, the hunter is also the hunted. Rodin is thrown into a game where the rules make no sense.

Rodin’s search for the truth leads to deceit and torture, and control starts slipping away. As he uncovers more secrets he realises that he might not only lose his life, but also his very reason for living.

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Shad0_lowShadowlair (A Shadows Prequel)

When Haven’s long-range sensors reported unfamiliar signals out on the rim, there was no immediate panic. It was probably nothing more than a glitch. But protocol demanded an investigation, so a crew was dispatched.

The crew never returned.

The rescue mission found their abandoned craft a few days later, but storm stopped them probing any further.

And so they never found evidence of the stowaway. They never followed the trail into the gully.

They never discovered if the crew lived or died. Or if something worse happened.

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