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Control (A Dominions Story)

Control (A Dominions Story)

A professional killer will always have enemies. It comes with the territory.

But this time it’s different. This time, the hunter is also the hunted. Rodin is thrown into a game where the rules make no sense.

Rodin’s search for the truth leads to deceit and torture, and control starts slipping away. As he uncovers more secrets he realises that he might not only lose his life, but also his very reason for living.

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Bonus book

There is also a second Dominions novella, called Expedient. You can pick up a free copy here.

expedient3dsmallExpedient (A Dominions Story)

There are reasons to kill.

Those who threaten the courier, or threaten Rodin himself‌—‌well, they know what to expect. And his one professional hit? The man deserved to die. The world’s better off without him.

But Rodin needs to build his reputation. And that means showing what he’s capable of.

He can kill to exterminate vermin. He can kill to stay alive.

But can he kill for personal gain?

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