Millenary 5

Millenary 5 cover

There are vampires and mysterious alien invaders. There are mobsters and shut-ins. There are those struggling to come to terms with loss, those nearing the end of their lives, those eager to make their mark on the world. There are conflicting realities and future nightmares. There are bitter lies and painful truths.

Some escape the darkness, others are consumed by it.

The fifth and final collection of short stories, this can be downloaded as an ebook, for free, here, or the stories can be read individually online.

Canvas  The chance of a lifetime

A Lesson In Life  Lessons come in all forms

Always A Reason  …even if it’s not a great one

The Hangman  It isn’t only a job

Bugs  There’s always a chance those dreams of flying away might come true

Payment  Now, or later?

The Long Way Round  The planet should’ve been empty‌—‌but it wasn’t

Trophy Hunters  Every prize has a price

In The Dark  …and alone

What Goes Around (a series of connected stories):

Part 4: It Takes A Steady Hand  It’s the small things that matter

Part 3: No Return  Some things are unforgivable

Part 2: Always A Silver Lining  …if you can find it

Part 1: Get The Right One  The answer’s not always obvious

An Issue With The Car  What would you do if you found a body in the back of a hire car?

Where Does The Time Go?  One moment they’re a baby, the next they’re almost an adult

Sentinels  It’s not about what you do

Always The Same  When routine is all you have

Ties Of Love  Not all are forever

To Serve  The job is all he has

How Legends Are Born  Games aren’t always innocent

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