Millenary 4

Millenary 4 cover

The characters in these tales do many things‌—‌some brave, others reckless, some downright evil. They exist in many places‌—‌a lost church, a craft sent to colonise a new planet, an amusement park after dark, stuck in traffic. They pursue many goals‌—‌seeking escape, protecting family, righting wrongs, surviving torture in any way possible‌…‌or simply trying to figure out what’s going on.

Some succeed. Others fail. For many, the outcomes aren’t so black and white.

The fourth collection of short stories, this can be downloaded as an ebook, for free, here, or the stories can be read individually online.

Memories  …but are they what they seem?

Tenancy Agreement  Always good to know about previous residents!

A New Life  Is it possible to start over?

Food For Thought  First Contact leads to war‌—‌but why?

Worth Fighting For  There has to be a reason.

Nightmare Park  What if the stories are all true?

Just Doing My Job  And sometimes, even that’s more than people expect.

Do You See?  Is it a sight-seeing trip, or something more?

There’s Always A Choice  Just hope you make the right one.

Stronger Than Death  Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

Watch And Learn  …‌but be careful of the interpretation.

Power  If you could have unimaginable power, what would you do?

New Eden  This time, perfection will remain.

The Endling  What would you do to keep your identity?

Opportunity  Golden opportunity, or just gold-plated?

Time Away  Everyone needs time away.

Shell  How safe is too safe?

Fascination  Never get too close.

First‌…‌And Last  Could you spend the night in a haunted house?

Boxed In  Being stuck in traffic can mean life or death.

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