Millenary 3


A man must choose between family and what he knows is right. A beast does what she must to keep her offspring alive. An agent struggles to prevent aliens taking the world. A tourist gets more than he bargains for in a virtual holiday. A sociopath runs with her violent impulses. An un-named character is stuck in a never-ending maze of rooms.

And then the world ends‌—‌but not in a way anyone expects.

The third collection of short stories, this can be downloaded as an ebook, for free, here, or the stories can be read individually online.


End Of The World  The world ended sixteen days ago, and nobody noticed.

Freedom At Any Cost?  When you’re that desperate…

Suspicion  “So why are we following her?”

Hold Back The Waves  There’s no rest from saving the world.

Stowaway  Stowing away is the easy part‌—‌first you need to get on board.

Prepared  Being prepared means never forsaking the rituals.

Rumours  Can you trust someone who doesn’t lie?

The Campaign  What is reality?

For Blood (II)  There’s always another side.

For Blood  Revenge. Payback. Blood for blood.

Crossing  Even the most mundane of journeys can become unexpected.

Virtually Reality  Jumping between reality, virtuality and dreams.

Paradise  Enduring solitude for the greater good, or something else?

Predictable  Warning: the main character in this story is not a pleasant person.

The Illusion Of Control  You think you’re so smart.

It’s Not Murder If They’re No Longer Human  …but they won’t all understand this.

Blood Bind  If the family is everything, what are the individual members worth?

…if you only walk long enough  There must be an exit.

The Rendezvous  A meeting over coffee. What could possibly go wrong?

Pushing The Limits  A little sci-fi action.