Millenary 2


An aged warrior makes his final stand. A sculptor fights his inner demons. A killer invents a new past. A dinner is not all is appears. A village is watched over by spirits of the forest. A dying woman is visited by her sister. Characters thirst for revenge, long for escape, or seek a bright new future.

Some may even be successful.

The second collection of short stories, this can be downloaded as an ebook, for free, here, or the stories can be read individually online.

Unspoken  Remove the message. Every copy.

Fire  Fire destroys everything, right?

Tradition  Traditions are more than stories.

Running The Gauntlet  A challenge, or something else?

The Gift And The Giver Music can be demanding

Eight Hours Sleep, work, play‌—‌but is this enough?

Invitation To Dinner Something for Halloween…

Old Bones Burn Strong  Sometimes the crazy fight is the only sensible choice

They Need To Learn  Misdemeanours need correcting, but how far is too far?

Waiting  How long would you wait?

Don’t Go  If you live in someone’s shadow, what happens when they go?

Life Story  You are the story you tell

The Pinnacle  A perfect opportunity

A Little Moment Of Happiness  It’s the small things that make all the difference

The Tracker  Sometimes, the only thing you can do is run

Clay  The pain of creation

Ghost  A coffin, and a secret

A Joke  Life can be a joke‌—‌but that doesn’t mean it’s any fun

Monster  They call me a monster, but only because they do not understand

Perfect  Sometimes things are that good

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